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StepUp Safety: Your Trusted Safety Consulting Partner

StepUp Safety supports businesses in enhancing workplace safety and meeting legislative requirements. Tailoring solutions to specific industries, we offer services such as on site safety support, audits, safety management systems development, training, risk assessments, incident investigations, and safety culture improvement. Committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective consulting, we believe safety is both a legal obligation and a moral responsibility. Our goal is to assist in creating a safe, healthy work environment, fostering a positive safety culture for employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Meet the Owner of StepUp Safety

Leading by Example: Steph's Commitment to Safety

Steph brings years of diverse experience in work health and safety, including roles in mining, occupational hygiene, construction, steelmaking, scrap metal, farming, and construction materials recycling. Steph’s expertise spans various industries and regulatory landscapes.

Driven by a passion for safety, Steph founded StepUp Safety to provide tailored solutions, from documentation to on-site support, training, incident investigations, and more. Steph’s dedication extends beyond consultancy, as she aims to enhance safety practices and contribute to organizational success, offering flexible support to meet diverse needs.

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